About Happy Goose

Happy Goose Hemp is more than just a pet product company, we want to help our fur, feather, and fin family members be as healthy and happy as they can be. To that end, Happy Goose Hemp (HGH) makes some of the most effective products to support good health for pets (large and small). There are never any hidden ingredients. We never use inferior raw materials just to make our products cheaply. We make sure our suppliers continually test all our ingredients to ensure consistency for all our products so you can trust that you’re getting exactly what is listed on the container. Happy Goose is committed to sourcing as many of our ingredients in the US as possible where we can be assured of the highest quality product and fair treatment of workers. If we must reach beyond our borders for anything you can be assured that we have researched the supplier in depth and they have met or exceeded our exacting standards.
Happy Goose Hemp also contributes five percent of all profits to charitable organizations for animal welfare, and donate products to organizations working directly with animals in need. Feel good about your purchase in more ways than one. The staff at Happy Goose is available to answer any of your questions and will always put you and your furry or feathered friends first.