Happy Goose Team

Gerry Kass

Gerald Kass, owner of Happy Goose Hemp, has spent his life as an entrepreneur both in retail and manufacturing, with the last twenty years spent almost exclusively in the animal care industry. He transitioned to the pet industry because his lifelong passion for animals and wanted to dedicate his energy to making the world a healthier place for animals that enrich our lives so much. Gerry believes that our animals are family too and he has made it his mission to ensure that they have access to the products and care that a family member deserves. In pursuit of this goal, Gerry helped found Animals Healing in 2001, a company that focuses on teaching healthcare techniques to horse, cat, and dog owners. In 2010, Gerry followed up the success of Animals Healing by starting Pop’s Pet Organics. Pop’s is a health product manufacturer that specializes in natural, safe shampoos, treats, and ointments for animals. Since then, Pop’s has expanded to serve pets around the world. You can find Pop’s products from the South Island of New Zealand to Portland, Maine and everywhere in between. In 2016, with the support of his two children Harrison and Tucker, best friend Neal, and his best 4-legged friend Goose, Gerry launched Happy Goose Hemp to continue the work he started almost twenty years ago: to make the world a healthier place for animals.

Goose as a puppy!